Our Process

1. FREE Consultation

We start with a free consultation to put together an estimate for your new granite, quartz or marble countertop. This step allows us to answer any questions you have about the process of doing a project, understand what you might want or currently have in your home, as well as get an overall idea of the look and feel you would like to achieve with project. With an abundance of stone choices and colours available, this is an important part of our process as it enables us to assist you in finding the perfect pieces to suit your home and your tastes.

2. Selection of Stone

This step is the most exciting part of the process, but can also be overwhelming with the amount of choices available. With access to a number of wholesale stone merchants, our professional sales team guides you through the process and answers any questions you may have, as well as educating you on the types of stone available and which will best fit your project.

3. Template

With the use of industry leading laser technology, we are able to get the most accurate
measurement of the area to be covered in stone, and its surrounding walls for a perfectly customized fit. A physical template of the area is also done so we can match the two and
eliminate any mistakes from this crucial step.

*If possible, please provide the measurements and specifications of sinks, faucets and stoves at time of template. Please also have the area to be measured cleared off to ensure better accuracy of results.

4. CAD Drawing

Once you have selected your stone and we have templated your project, our Computer Automated Drafting (CAD) program takes the digital template and prepares it for the manufacturing process. Using their expertise, the CAD technician lays out all areas of your project on a photograph of the actual slab to ensure that we are maximizing the usage of the stone, as well as retaining the integrity of the flow of the stone. Complimenting this with a Veinmatch Program which allows seamless visual transitions between pieces cut from the same stone. This stage allows you to finalize the stone flow design, approve all seam work and dimensions, and view the actual layout in your home, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the look of the stone before it goes into your home.

5. Fabrication

The use of manufacturing equipment and advanced water jet technology ensures absolute precision and accuracy when fabricating stone. All the information from the laser template and digital slab layout is inputted directly into our computer system which is then communicated to our manufacturing equipment.

6. Quality Craftmanship

After being fabricated, the stone is then turned over to be diamond polished by hand to ensure the finish on all edges is the same quality of the finish on the surface. Sinks for vanity tops are also mounted to prepare for convenient installation. To finalize the piece, we apply a commercial grade sealer to your stone to help protect and maintain the elegance of the stone. Each piece is then inspected to ensure that it meets our standards before being installed in your home.

*Please provide us with your sink for vanity tops so we can mount it and allow enough time for it to be securely set.

7. Installation

Our installation team takes the utmost care while in your home; careful and precise in handling the delicate stones and ensuring quality for the final stage. They are happy to answer any remaining questions, as well as have you involved in their work for your knowledge and peace of mind. Kitchen sinks will be mounted and secured on-site, with holes for faucets or dispensers drilled to your preference. With these final steps to be done, our team, to the best of their ability, will ensure a tidy and perfected room upon completion. Even after finalization, our whole team at Stoneworks will continue to assist you with any further questions, concerns, or other future projects!