2016 Kitchen Countertop Trends

new kitchen countertopsWhen it comes to countertops, the kitchen renovation and design market is still dominated by two major materials: natural stones such as marble or granite and durable engineered stones like quartz. Using the material in unique ways can help the surfaces in the heart of your home stand out from the rest! Read on for Stoneworks guide to 2016 kitchen countertop trends.


Our culture is becoming more digital by the day, so it’s no wonder that we are discovering more beautiful ways to integrate technology into our lives. A modern kitchen surface is no exception! Touchscreens, USB outlets and instantaneous devices such as Amazon Dash Buttons– these are only the beginning. Let our designers at Stoneworks customize a countertop that combines futuristic functionality with classic style.

Open concept

More than just a kitchen trend, almost all modern home design embraces the breezy yet intimate feel of an open concept floorplan. As kitchens have so long been the heart of the home, it can be difficult to find a balance. Transitional spaces are a current trend as their gentle blend of contemporary and traditional styles encourage flow between rooms. Thin, textured countertops and surfaces excel in these environments, especially when anchoring a kitchen island.


As we transition out of the era of the “all-in-one” mentality, kitchen design has discovered a renewed appreciation for usefulness and function– without losing its beauty. One such example is the trend of installing a second sink as the centrepiece for a secondary work area with a heavy duty countertop. It may seem redundant, but doubling up can save you a lot of stress by giving you the best of both worlds!

Colours & accents

In 2016 and the foreseeable future: neutral colours are dominant– for a kitchen surface, opt for flexible choices such as muted shades, earth tones, whites, blacks and greys. Save your bold colours and splashy materials to be used as accents throughout the kitchen. Experiment with different materials to enhance your countertops. A backsplash of stainless steel or bright tile can be just as striking as an insert made of concrete, finished wood or even butcher’s block.

The facets outlined above are only a small sample of the thousands of on-trend options available to you at Stoneworks. Contact or visit us today for a full assessment of your taste and needs.