STONE AGE: 4 Reasons Your Granite Surface Will Last A Lifetime

Our team working on a large countertopWe live in a disposable age– many consumer products seem designed to wear out regularly. Even big-ticket items like appliances or furniture are available at low cost and even lower quality. Fortunately, your granite surface was meticulously created thousands of years ago! Our suppliers may have acquired the stone recently, but the formation of rock takes eons deep within the Earth’s crust. So what makes granite such a durable choice? Check out a few reasons outlined below.


Most granite surfaces are extremely heat resistant– able to withstand up to 900°F (nearly 500°C). The cooling of superheated magma creates most granite, so there is very little risk of scorching or burning due to a hot pan.


Many surfaces’ care instructions insist that no chopping or cutting be done on them, as it could gouge or scratch the material. Granite has the opposite problem! If you use knives or other blades directly on granite, they will become dinged and dull– causing no harm to your surface.


In quality assurance testing, granite surfaces have shown resistance to cuts and scratches from all materials except diamond edges. Additionally, a sturdy granite slab can withstand severe impacts– only a sledgehammer could do any real damage.


Using an appropriate (ie: food-safe) sealant on a regular basis is a great way to keep your granite surfaces in pristine shape. Granite is porous, so spills can stain quickly if your surface is not sealed.

The features above are just a summary of the benefits of granite. In addition to its durability, granite is available in many attractive finishes, sizes and styles. Granite is the perfect compliment or centrepiece for any renovation project– its timeless style and workman-like reputation make it stand out from other materials. If you are interested in a granite surface, contact or visit the experts at Stoneworks today for your detailed assessment and free quote.