5 Signs It Might Be Time For A New Kitchen

Full frame of simple modern kitchenThe kitchen is a place where friends and family gather. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it’s important that the space not only nice to look at, but functional as well. Check out the points below and see if your kitchen applies. If it does, it may be time for you to start considering an update!

1. Not Enough Storage

If you’re experiencing an avalanche of food or Tupperware anytime you open your cabinets, it’s time to revamp your kitchen. Having enough cabinet space to store food and other kitchen items is an important part of keeping your kitchen looking clean and un-cluttered. Kitchen cabinets now a days come in all sorts of styles, some of which have storage solutions built right in! Adding new cabinets will give you a more efficient, functional kitchen.

2. Your Appliances Are Out of Date

Old appliances don’t just look unsightly, they also waste money and energy! New appliances are incredibly efficient and will help to save you money on your power and water bill each month. Replacing old appliances will give your kitchen a fresh, modern look while saving you money in the long run. Now that’s a win win deal.

3. Poor Lighting

Everyone knows that it’s important to be able to see what you’re doing… especially when there are hot stoves and sharp knives involved! If your finding that certain spots of your kitchen never get any light, it’s time to invest in some new light fixtures. A well lit kitchen will not only make cooking easier, it will make it safer as well!

4. Outdated Finishings

Kitchen cabinet styles often signify the era in which a home was built. In the 1980’s oak or oak veneer and white laminate cabinets with oak trim reigned. Finishes wear down, as do hinges and hardware. If cabinets are in good shape, paint can do wonders – just be sure to consult an expert first. Not all cabinets/cabinet species should be painted.

But if doors are warped, shelves are bowed, glides are off drawers, and cupboards near the stovetop are soiled with grease and beyond repair, it may be time to remodel.
Flooring and colors also change. The pinkish ceramic tiles of the 80s and anything mauve may be a turn-off to buyers and may require updating if you are trying to sell a home today.

Counter surfaces have changed dramatically. In the 80’s, white or off-white laminate counters prevailed along with ceramic tile counters set with bull-nose wood edges. Today, quartz and granite countertops provide easy to maintain work surfaces. Stone counters add beauty to a kitchen and are more durable than tile and laminate products.

Flooring is no longer the standard linoleum, which was susceptible to stains, wear and tear or unforgiving ceramic tile. Tile flooring is prevalent in many homes today because of the advances in finishes that them both attractive and durable.

5. Poor layout/too small

Adequate space: Are you satisfied with the amount of counter space, cabinet space and floor space in your kitchen? The position of your refrigerator or the shape of your counter may be taking away useful work space. When replacing a countertop or changing the shape of your kitchen, keep in mind that a total of 158 inches of countertop frontage, 24 inches deep with at least 15 inches of clearance above, is needed to accommodate all uses, including landing area, preparation and work area and storage.

Traffic flow: If there’s more than one cook in your household, consider making more room around the main work space. If you enjoy entertaining, you may want an open plan kitchen that allows for more social interaction between the kitchen and other rooms. The width of a walkway should be at least 3 feet, and the width of a work aisle should be at least 42 inches for one cook and at least 4 feet for multiple cooks.

Do any or all of these apply to you? Contact Stoneworks Granite & Quartz today to get started on your new countertop & cabinets!