5 Ways to Ruin Your Marble Surface

stone-surface-kitchen-exampleIf you currently have or are planning to have a marble surface or countertop installed, keep reading. Following Stoneworks’ guide to ruining marble may sound like a bad idea… but it’s actually a resource for every “don’t do” in the books! Do you want your marble to last forever? Don’t wait– start studying below.

#5: Seal tricks

Every slab of marble is unique and furthermore: each type or variety of marble has different properties. Verify with your Stoneworks professional whether or not your marble surface requires sealant. If it does, don’t take chances– seal it regularly and exactly as instructed. Think of sealant as body armour for your marble!

#4: Etch-a-sketch

When marble wears away, you will notice its shiny, warm finish becoming dull– this is a process called etching. Acidic foods and liquids, cleaning products, scrubbers and scour pads, excessive heat and even cold can etch marble surfaces. Avoid all of the above! If you are unsure, test the substance on a sample or a hard-to-see area.

#3: Food for blot

Always blot up spilled food and liquids instead of wiping or other cleaning methods. Absorbing the spill away from the sensitive marble surface is the only way to help prevent staining.

#2: True grit

Dust, grit, sand, gravel and other small particles can build up on your marble floors and surfaces. This may not seem like a big deal, but these bits can get caught underfoot, in wheels and in cloths– scratching and scarring the marble. Dust with a clean, dry, untreated mop or chamois and invest in doormats, runners and area rugs. When wet-mopping, only use marble-specific cleaning products.

#1: Under pressure

Marble surfaces are very rigid, so excessive weight or pressure can often cause them to crack. Avoid impact directly on the marble and never, ever sit or stand on a marble slab.

Don’t risk your marble masterpiece– if you have made or plan to make the investment, it is your best interest to avoid neglect and shoddy upkeep. Stoneworks’ list above is a good start, but always consult with our experts to ensure your concerns and questions are answered correctly. Care, installation and knowledge of marble products is one of our fortes and we are excited to put our services to the test! Contact or visit us today.