5 Ways to Ruin Your Quartz Surface

website quartz2Quartz is engineered to be durable and resilient, so once its installed– you have nothing to worry about… Right? Wrong! Quartz still needs your T.L.C. to realize its full potential as the ultimate countertop or surface. Consult Stoneworks’ list below for the five most important things to avoid when living your life around quartz.

#5: Don’t hulk out.

Yes, quartz is strong– but this doesn’t allow you to strike, chop, drop or otherwise beat the surface up. Always use cutting boards, trivets, potholders and other protective tools to ensure your countertop is free of unsightly scratches or nicks.

#4: Resist the proof.

There’s a lot to be said about heat resistant surfaces like quartz, but “resistant” does not mean “invincible.” A quartz countertop can be the superhero of your home or business– help it out by preventing hot objects and liquids from coming into contact with it. Practicing good care will prevent scorch marks, burns and discolorations.

#3: Dry me a river.

Any spills on your quartz surface or countertop should be blotted up immediately. Dark liquids can stain light surfaces and harsh or acidic items can also cause damage. Avoid caustic cleaners, too– all you need to properly clean a quartz surface is warm water with some gentle soap. Wipe with a dampened cloth and buff dry with a soft towel.

#2: Seal of approval.

Not all quartz surfaces call for sealant, but most if not all would benefit from a layer of protection. Sealing is usually an annual task, but follow all instructions for care and upkeep as outlined by the manufacturer. Improper sealing can do just as much harm as good.

#1: Ink about it.

Permanent markers, felts, paints, makeup and other strong inks or dyes can easily seep in and stain quartz surfaces. Even “stain resistant” varieties are susceptible to this type of damage. Always protect your countertop or surface when working with any of the above.

The above five issues are only a summary of the variety of complications life can throw at your quartz surface or countertop. If you have any questions and concerns, contact or visit Stoneworks today! Our quartz experts are waiting to appraise your needs and offer their years of experience.