bathroom-backsplash-tileCustom backsplashes– the part of your kitchen wall behind the sink– have become extraordinarily popular in recent years. Ranging in material and style, both new builds and renovations tend to boast a bodacious backsplash that catches the eye. Whether to add style or value to your home, backsplashes are often good investments, but only if they remain in peak condition. Consult Stoneworks’ guide to backsplash maintenance below and be sure to contact our professional customer service team with any concerns.

Right Product for Right Material

Use the right cleaning product for the right material. The following are some common backsplash materials and their respective cleansers:

  • Glass: one part warm water, one part vinegar or a household glass cleaner;
  • Stone: one drop liquid soap per cup of water, applied with a soft cloth;
  • Marble: same mix as stone, but drying thoroughly is crucial;
  • Steel: same mix as glass, but do not use household cleaners– finish with a stainless steel polish for maximum shine;
  • Tile: one part hot water, one part vinegar– consult the next tip for cleaning grout.

Tile Backsplashes

For tile backsplashes, pay special attention to the grout. The lines between your tile are known as grout– due to their nature, they can become grimy and dirty if not properly cleaned. For best results, scrub your grout with a small brush and a water-baking soda paste. After this process, be sure to rinse completely with clean water and buff it dry to avoid water spots.

Seal It!

Invest in proper sealant and apply it correctly. Many natural surfaces such as granite or marble have specific sealants that need to be applied regularly. Other materials can also be sealed to prevent stains, reduce wear and mitigate dents or dings. Either way, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly or else consider investing in professional assistance.

Extending the life and lustre of your kitchen’s backsplash is in the interest of every property owner. Don’t lose the value added by letting it age poorly– what was once eye-catching could soon be an eyesore! Stoneworks carries a wide variety of materials, so you can rely on our team to answer any questions you may have.