Busting 4 Myths About Quartz Surfaces

Quartx exampleQuartz often gets overlooked as a countertop option. It’s time to change this! Quartz is tougher than marble – less porous, not to mention physically harder, and is just as appealing as granite. However, because quartz lacks the cache of these other stones, it does not receive the recognition it deserves. Read on to learn the truth about Quartz.

Myth #1: You shouldn’t use quartz in your kitchen.

Because it’s less porous than other types of natural stone countertops, quartz is an excellent option to use in your kitchen. It will retain less bacteria, and will be tougher to stain or crack, simply due to its general makeup.

Myth #2: It’s impossible to scratch a quartz countertop.

While it is tougher to scratch quartz, than it is to damage marble or granite, quartz is not a magical scratch-proof material. You can scratch it, if you aren’t careful, but it is tougher to do so. Depending on the color of the quartz, it may be more susceptible to this type of damage. Basically, the darker the quartz, the more likely it is to be accidentally scratched.

Myth #3: Quartz is impervious to sunlight.

Actually, sunlight can damage quartz over time, especially if the material is subjected to direct sunlight on a continual basis. A quartz countertop won’t be harmed by occasional exposure to UV rays – for example, it won’t darken or become discolored, if it receives a few bits of sunlight a day; however, you shouldn’t install a quartz countertop outside in direct sunlight, because it will become discolored over time.

Myth #4: Quartz, like all natural stone, is unhygienic.

This is addressed somewhat above in the first myth, but it needs to be emphasized again. Natural stone, despite its porousness, is no more or less hygienic than stainless steel and other man-made materials. If taken care of properly, your quartz countertop will not spread or harbor germs.

Quartz is a great alternative to the more popular natural stones, and, when done right, looks great in a kitchen. Consider installing a quartz countertop in your next upgrade or renovation. Contact Stoneworks Granite & Quartz to learn more!