COUNTERTOP T.L.C.: Care and Upkeep for Your New Stone Surface

Woman Cleaning Kitchen CounterA new surface or countertop in your home may look beautiful, but you know it’s begging to be used. Of course, daily use can cause wear, stains, cracks and all sorts of unsightly damage. So how do you get the best of both worlds? Read on for a handy list of habits and tips that will ensure you get a full life out of your new surface.

Certain stone surfaces may appear similar– even identical– but they could have radically different care instructions. You should know the specific brand, material and make-up of your new countertop or surface. Stoneworks Granite & Quartz will give you detailed care instruction, but its up to the customer to clean, seal and tend to the surface as needed.

Is regular upkeep a hassle for you or does it simply not fit into your hectic life schedule? Choose a material that is resilient and nearly care-free. Engineered quartz surfaces require no cleaners or sealants; they are also generally stain-, heat- and wear-resistant.

If you can embrace routine and appreciate a fine patina after years of use, granite and marble respond well to wear when sealed properly and regularly. Those seeking this effect should still use cutting boards and trivets to protect the stone from major cracks and damage.

The extremes of the colour palette– black and white — are both extremely popular choices for new countertops or surfaces. Suitable in both modern and traditional design, the dark and light spectrums of the colour palette present their own challenges. Light surfaces may seem hard to keep clean, but dark surfaces are notorious for showing fingerprints and other smudges. Consider a textured, veined or neutral-coloured stone or material for a hardy, resilient surface or countertop.

Are you unsure if your current countertop or surface has been properly cared for? Do you have your eyes on an upgrade, but wary of the cost and hassle of upkeep? Contact or visit Stoneworks Granite & Quartz today! Our specialists can walk you through all the required care for your preferred stone or material. Let us address your concerns and find the perfect fit for your space.