How to Care for A Stone Floor

man installing stone tilesCaring for and maintaining a natural stone floor is different from other flooring options. To ensure that your natural stone floor provides you with a lifetime of beauty and value, a proper maintenance program is necessary. The good news is that stone floor maintenance isn’t tough! In fact, you probably have all the materials you need sitting in your cleaning closet at home. Read on to learn the basics of caring for your stone floor.

Keep Dirt and Dust to a Minimum

Sand, dust, and dirt are the three silent killers when it comes to a natural stone floor. If left on the floor, foot traffic will grind dirt into the stone, wearing it down and dulling the finish. To keep dirt and dust to a minimum, it’s important to regularly sweep or dry mop your floor. You can vacuum a stone floor, but make sure that your vacuum is hard floor friendly. If it has a beater bar, you run the risk of scratching up the stone. Another great way to stop dirt from entering your home is to use floor mats at all exterior entrances. The mat’s will collect the majority of the loose dirt before it has a chance to reach your floor, and they are simple to clean!

Don’t Let Spills Sit

If you notice a spill, wipe it up as quickly as possible. The longer a spill is left on your floor, the more likely it is to permanently stain. Scheduling a weekly damp mopping of your floor is a great way to catch any spills that you might have missed day to day.

Stay Neutral

When choosing a cleaner for your natural stone floor, opt for one that has a neutral pH and isn’t abrasive. Abrasive cleaners will scratch and dull the surface of your floor. Acidic cleaners, like those containing lemon juice or vinegar, should also be avoided as the acid can harm the sealant and grout. When washing your floor, be sure to rinse it thoroughly with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. Leftover cleaner or soap can buildup, causing unsightly streaks and dullness.

Questions about Your Natural Stone Floor?

Stoneworks Granite & Quartz are the experts when it comes to all types of natural stone. Every stone is different, so it’s generally best to consult a pro. If you have questions about your stone floor, or are considering installing a new stone floor in your home, give our team a call!