BE PREPARED: Stoneworks’ Guide to a Hassle-free Countertop Installation

Contractor installing a laminate counter top during a kitchen remodel project.So you’ve made the decision to install new surface in your home, business or renovation project– what comes next? Once Stoneworks’ customer service experts have guided you to the perfect material and style, the only thing left to do is prepare your space for the installation process. Follow the simple steps outlined below for a hassle-free experience next time you upgrade countertops or surfaces.

The old adage rings true as ever– responsible renovators do not incur multiple, wasteful expenses caused by poor measurement or product inconsistencies. A new project is exciting, but a thorough and prepared approach will lead to long-term happiness with the final product.

Thick as a brick: Your new countertop will almost always be a different thickness than your old surface; make sure you compensate for the discrepancy when measuring and purchasing décor and accessories. Appliances, cabinets, backsplash, sinks, faucets and other countertop features can all be impacted.

Everything but the kitchen sink: Due to the wide variety of products available in-store and online, countertop upgrades often accompany a new sink and faucet assembly or new appliances. These features can affect integration and functionality of your new kitchen, bathroom or bar surface. Wait until all ordered products arrive before signing off on final measurements– they may be different than advertised and Stoneworks may need to fine-tune your order.

Dust, dirt and debris– they are inevitable in any renovation. Stoneworks prides itself on respecting its customers’ spaces, but we also believe in preparing them for the realities of installing a stone surface.

Floor your information: Floor coverings will be placed in every installation. If your floors are particularly delicate, inform your Stoneworks installer and extra precaution will be taken.

Get that dirt off your shoulder: Safely blocking vents in the installation area can help reduce dust and dirt circulation during the process. Cover anything in the space that could react poorly to dust build-up. If holes have been drilled and there is coarse dust in your sink– leave it be! The installers will carefully clean this stone dust when the job is complete, disturbing it can scratch your sink’s surface.


  • Hold off on final touches (ie: wall treatment, cabinet hardware, etc.), they can suffer adverse wear during the installation process
  • Ensure there is a decision-maker for the property available to the installer to address last-minute questions or concerns
  • Acquire and apprise yourself of all the necessary cleaners, sealants and other care for your new surface before it is installed

The above is only a summary of the process and potential issues of installing a new stone surface. If you desire more information or details, contact or visit Stoneworks Granite & Quartz today. We are committed to satisfying our customers with a customized and comfortable installation, so bring us into your space today!