How to Seal Your Granite Countertop

Closeup of a luxurious bathroom sink with fluffy face towels on a granite counterA granite countertop is an investment that can last for years if properly taken care of. Sealing your granite countertop will prevent stains from setting in and marring the look of the stone, and will keep damage from occurring. This maintenance should be done yearly, in order to properly maintain the surface.


There are several different types of sealant to choose from:

  • Topical sealers: this type of sealer covers just the surface and does not prevent stains from seeping into the stone.
  • Stone enhancing sealers: this sealant adds to the look of the stone by brightening and darkening it to make it look more beautiful
  • Penetrating sealers: as the name suggests, this sealer seeps into the stone, preventing stains from getting below the surface.


No matter what type of sealer you choose, the application process is the same.

  1. Start by cleaning your countertop thoroughly with your usual granite-safe cleaning solution. Make sure that the countertop is completely dry before proceeding.
  2. Apply the sealer, following the directions on the bottle. Spraying it on usually does the trick, although some types may require you to apply it with a cloth. After application, you will need to let it sit (this is usually 10-15 minutes, but follow the instructions on the bottle).
    SIDE NOTE: Depending on the type of sealant used, and the age and condition of your countertop, you may need to add another layer of the sealer. 
  3. Once you’ve reached the maximum number of applications and the sealer has had a chance to sink in, wipe away the excess with a soft, dry cloth. 
  4. Let the countertop rest for around six hours in order for the sealant to fully cure. Once the curing time is up, clean the surface with a very mild cleanser and some water, before placing everything back on your counter.

You’ve done it! Your granite countertops are well protected and ready to last for years to come. As stated before, do this process yearly to ensure your countertops remain fresh and stain-free. Have questions? Feel free to contact the experts at Stoneworks Granite & Quartz today!