NO STONE UNTURNED: Where Does Granite Come From?

granite countertop kitchenWhether you are admiring granite from afar or close-up, you may wonder: where does granite come from? While the short answer is a quarry– it’s clearly the boring answer! The true lifespan of granite spans all the way from the Earth’s molten core to your countertop or surface. Read on for Stoneworks’ life story of a very special stone called granite.


The term granite was first used in the mid-17th century; it derives from the Italian granito (grained), itself rooted in the Latin granum (grain). The durable material, once unearthed, became a cornerstone of civilizations all around the world. Scientists would go on to dig up more information on the stone: granite begins life as molten stone, thousands of kilometres below us. Pressure forces the magma and other minerals to combine; as it rises to the surface, the igneous mixture hardens into the substance named granite.


Granite quarries and mines make their living by extracting the stone from the Earth, so they know just how strong it is! Harvested, cut and polished– every piece of granite is unique, custom designed by its geographic and geological location. Strong and beautiful, all kinds of granite are prized for different reasons. Now, more than ever, people are discovering that granite’s warm, inviting presence excels as both a centrepiece or to accent our homes and businesses.


You may look at one sample or one hundred samples, but there is a kind of granite out there that will spark your imagination. Whether custom or pre-cut, your chosen slab is treated with the utmost care and attention by the master craftsmen at Stoneworks. Each cut and polish is made with high-tech precision, ensuring your style is captured in all its exquisite beauty.

It may sound like fairy tale, but adding a granite surface or countertop to your story will always be a happy ending. Stoneworks Granite selection and service will help you turn the page on your home or business’ old look or celebrate the beginning of a new chapter if you are planning to build. Contact or visit us today!