ONYX 101: Upkeep, Cleaning & Care

Hand with microfiber cleaning rag wiping stone countertop in kitchenThe striking elegance of onyx has earned its way into the pantheon of world-class building materials. From 5-star hotels to rustic country homes, onyx’s natural beauty can be incorporated into any palette or design. If you are curious about onyx, but are unsure how it would fit into your everyday life– consult Stoneworks guide to the upkeep, cleaning and care of onyx outlined below.


Onyx is not for the faint of heart — it is a soft, silica-based mineral that needs regular care and prompt clean up. Vulnerable to acid, onyx can be easily damaged by liquids such as wine, coffee, fruit juice (especially citrus), vinegar and most household cleaners. Onyx is also porous, so spills should be blotted up as soon as possible to avoid staining and permanent damage.

Stoneworks best practice: Use a soft cloth dampened with warm, filtered water to wipe down your onyx surfaces and dry immediately with a gentle, absorbent towel.


Whether you use natural, ph-neutral cleaning products or professional stone cleaner, there are a few universal methods for preserving the quality and finish of your onyx surfaces. It takes a careful hand and an eye for detail, but you can ensure the stone ages well and retains its natural beauty.

Stoneworks best practice: Apply your gentle dish soap or stone cleaner to a cloth, instead of directly on the onyx– saturating the porous surface can do more harm than good. Wipe away excess with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately with an absorbent towel or chamois (‘shammy’).


Sealant: If necessary, Stoneworks can advise a non-toxic, food-safe sealer that can be applied regularly to increase the resiliency of onyx. Sealant does not prevent stains, but it does reduce the porous nature of onyx– giving you more time to blot it up.

High-traffic: Considering onyx for a heavily used area? Sometimes adding it as an accent instead of a centrepiece can save you some cleaning and upkeep effort over the lifetime of the stone.

Stains: If treated immediately, stains can often be lifted out with a paste of water and baking soda. Unfortunately, nothing can reverse ‘etching’ from acidic liquids.

While onyx may seem finicky to some, one look at a beautiful slab of onyx from Stoneworks can win even the most practical person over. Whether bathed in natural light or backlit, there are few stones as unique and beautiful as onyx. Don’t let the upkeep, cleaning and care deter you– our stone surface experts can help you choose and utilize onyx in the most effective way possible for your next project. Contact Stoneworks Granite & Quartz today!