FROM DESIGN TO DETAILS: Pros and Cons of Four Popular Bathroom Surfaces

Bath and shower - marble bathroomFrom style to substance, countertops are key to a stylish bathroom of any size. Bathroom surfaces need to be durable enough to handle daily wear and regular cleaning– but we still want our lavatories to live up to luxurious and lavish styling. There is a wide range of options to choose from if you are a homeowner looking to upgrade, renovate or create the perfect bathroom. Here at Stoneworks, we specialize in granite, quartz, onyx and marble surfaces. Read on for a summary of the pros and cons of using each product for your next bathroom vanity-top.


Selected for their granite-like properties, many hard and semi-porous igneous stones fall under the ‘granite’ label of surfaces and materials. These stone types provide a consistent product available in all prices, colours and qualities.


  • Wear-, heat- and bacteria-resistant
  • Thousands of colours and styles
  • Rarely needs sealant


  • Heavy impact can cause cracks
  • Stone cleaner should be used regularly
  • Prone to stains


Coloured and resin-hardened quartz makes for a beautiful, durable bathroom surface. Consistency is achieved by grinding mined quartz down to crystal form, before pressing it into a custom mold.


  • Wear-, stain-, bacteria- and acid-resistant
  • Does not require sealant or cleaner
  • Consistent, even appearance


  • High-end range is extremely expensive
  • Can be heavier than alternatives
  • Low gloss finish


Onyx surfaces vary wildly: each slab is unique and features dark clours, bright stripes or bands and translucence that causes light diffusion. Used as a centerpiece in any bathroom, onyx countertops offer a special individuality to any homeowner, homebuilder or contractor.


  • Unique colours and patterns
  • Translucence creates deep appearance and enhances light
  • Less heavy and bulky than other stones


  • Fragile
  • Prone to wear, acid and cleaning agents
  • Special cleaner and regular sealing is advised


Marble is usually a metamorphic rock– a combo of two existing forms of stone– that occurs in nature, but the term can encompass other crystallized minerals used in construction (ie: limestone). Regardless of a marble product’s geologic origins, when used for home surfaces it always provides a classic style and pleasant aesthetic.


  • Diverse colours and styles
  • Look is both natural and classical
  • Heat-resistant


  • Regular sealing required
  • Easily scratched
  • Difficult to repair
  • Vulnerable to acid


No matter your preference, Stoneworks has the right stone for your next bathroom surface install or upgrade. From popular options like quartz and granite to more natural alternatives like marble and onyx, you can select a stone product that will make your bathrooms stand apart for years to come. Visit or contact us today to consult with one of our stone specialists– we will listen to your needs and customize the perfect product for you and your project.