COOK IN STYLE: Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2015 and Beyond

Young couple read through a recipe book in the kitchen with a counter full of fresh vegetables. Whether new or renovated, your kitchen should reflect your taste and personality– the kitchen is the heart of the home! It’s important to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed in a room that sees everything from parties to pizza nights, from late night snacks to holiday feasts. Read below for five of this year’s most popular kitchen design trends, all of which can bring warmth and renewal to your kitchen.

The streamlined look and style of early 2000s kitchens have given way to a more practical design mentality. Recent trends include functional features such as ‘butcher block’ islands, accessible and ergonomic cabinetry and even stainless steel countertops. While useful, many of these choices also add warmth and hominess to the kitchen. For an alternative to the commercial look of stainless steel, consider Stoneworks’ quartz surfaces for equal durability and practicality– with many more options for colour and customization!

Once known formally as a ‘sideboard,’ islands or detached counters have become wildly popular in new and renovated kitchens. In fact, islands have become so commonplace: many kitchen design outlets have noted that the kitchen table is nearly extinct! Stoneworks has seen modern islands evolve out of their utilitarian designs into more refined forms– featuring clever design, furniture-inspired styling, ‘twin’ islands and, of course, a wide variety of unique countertops.

When you pick the design of your next kitchen project, you may feel like you have to choose just one style. Thankfully, tastes have expanded to create a wide range of products that fuse and combine modern design. It’s common to see traditional materials like marble side-by-side with modern innovations such as seamless stainless steel. Visit or contact Stoneworks today to sample our huge range of unique and durable surfaces– we can help you find the perfect balance between modern and traditional.

This year, kitchen design is all about tone and texture. Top designers have fallen in love with dark, muted colours accented with laminate wood patterns and metallic trim. Ornate and commercial has given way to subtle, yet functional appliances and cabinetry with more of a homey feel. Gone are the days of all granite, all the time; Stoneworks’ custom kitchen surfaces of all varieties are in high demand.

These days it’s just as common to find a digital tablet alongside a stack of cookbooks. The web is an amazing resource for busy homecooks and farmers’ market foodies alike! So it’s no surprise kitchens are now being outfitted with more electrical outlets, hidden wifi networks and connected appliances. Looking to plug a little 21st-century into your culinary kingdom? Consult with Stoneworks today for a wide range of customization options.