Cabinets & Cabinet Installation

Whether for your kitchen, bathroom, home office, closet or any room you can imagine– Stoneworks Granite & Quartz provides more than just countertops. We also offer a wide array of cabinets in two affordable styles.

The catalogue option is designed with the modern consumer in mind: practical, economical and functional. Our designers will walk you through a huge range of styles, door designs and colours available in standard sizes. While these cabinets cannot be modified, Stoneworks will help you find the best fit for your layout.

For dream projects and other detailed jobs, you may want to consider custom cabinets. From design to shop drawings to final installation, Stoneworks’ experts will be hands-on with your custom cabinetry. Choose from any shape or size right down to every door, window and piece of hardware!

Regardless of which option you select, all of Stoneworks cabinets are quality-made in Canada. We also remove existing cabinets and countertops– lowering costs by handling your demolition, new cabinets and new surfaces under one roof. Contact or visit us today for a full consultation and quote!