Floor Tile Installation

While Stoneworks Granite & Quartz is Edmonton’s best source for countertops, we also take pride in providing beautiful flooring. Whether natural or manufactured, our selection covers a broad range of taste and style preference– without giving up durability or quality. Floor tile sizes range from 12”x12” (30cm x 30cm) to 24”x24” (60cm x 60cm) and our designers will work with you to fit them into your layout.

Timeless and gorgeous, natural stones have their own variances and characteristics that vary from slab to slab. For our customers, the experts at Stoneworks curate a variety of travertine, marble, slate and limestone flooring from pale, soft colours to bold, vibrant patterns. We also leave you with care instructions to ensure your natural stone floor tiles will last a lifetime.

Quality is important to us– Stoneworks only offers manufactured floor tiles made with care by reputable companies. Whether you are looking for one-tone tile or an imitation of natural stone, our designers will help you find the perfect fit for your space. Enjoy the beauty of stone with unparalleled durability and affordability!

Here at Stoneworks, we have a diverse range of floor tiles to choose from plus our reps are always looking to source new and exciting styles from around the world. Interested in a full consultation and quote? Contact or visit us today!