Quartz Installation Edmonton

There are few building materials with as much variety and versatility as quartz. While modern quartz countertops and other features are in fact manmade, they still contain an extremely high percentage of natural minerals. Curious about the material and the process? Read on for a brief summary along with advantages and disadvantages of quartz.

Natural quartz is the second most plentiful mineral in the Earth’s crust, essentially a hard, crystallized form of silica. In construction, quartz is broken down into crystals and then reformed into the necessary shape. Once the quartz is pressed into the mold, resin and any desired colouring is added– this hardens and the end product is an extremely durable construction material.

Quartz is popular choice as it requires very little maintenance and is a non-porous substance– making it ideal for countertops.


  • Resistant to wear, stains, bacteria and acid
  • No need for sealant or special cleaners
  • Totally customizable size and shape
  • Consistent, even appearance throughout slab


  • Certain varieties can be expensive
  • Extremely heavy
  • Less glossy than other materials


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