Frequently Asked Questions

I want my new countertops right away. How long will it take?
From the day you pick out material and we make templates, we ask for at least  a 7 day time-frame. This gives us enough time to properly cut, fabricate, & polish the slabs at our facility.

An average size kitchen installation is complete in one day.  This includes both the tearing out of the old countertops and the installation of the new countertops.

What is vein matching?
Vein matching technology gives us the ability to photograph our slabs and create the best possible seams in any material.  It uses a laser-vision optic system that can virtually map your project. Our vein-matching technology can line up veins and movement in the granite up to 100 times better than the human eye, providing the most precise cuts and a layout that is truly unique to your project.

Seams are done where the two pieces of stone are put together. The seams are joined with epoxy that is mixed with the color that matches the stone. Then the joined area is smoothed, leaving only a very thin line visible.

Seams may be necessary depending on countertop layout, slab size, and amount of slabs purchased. Seams are colored to match the color of your granite. So if you have a black colored granite, the seam will also be black.

Do I have to seal my granite countertops?
Sealing granite is optional. However all granites are sealed by us upon installation. Penetrating sealer is used to protect and help prevent staining. Sealing your countertops at least once a year is recommended. Natural stone sealer can be purchased at your local hardware store.

What slab sizes do you use?
General slab dimensions are approximately 10 feet long by 6 feet high(Useable dimensions are approximately 2-3 inches less than the overall slab dimensions as you need to compensate for raw or rough unfinished edges, notching, or non-proportional sizing. Why is this important? Seams! If you can avoid seams do it, or even consider slabs that will allow for solid pieces as opposed to seamed pieces.

Usually, the minimum average sizes of granite slabs are 105″ x 54″ . 3CM is 1 1/4″ thick and 2CM is 3/4″ thick. 3CM is standard for kitchens. 2CM is popular for vanities, table tops, & bars. Actual thickness can vary depending on quarry as well as slab sizes.