Onycx Installation Edmonton

Natural onyx, like quartz, is a type of crystallized silica. Unlike many of its contemporaries, onyx holds much more popularity in gemstones and decorative material. Still onyx does provide a formidable construction material with rarely seen subtlety and colour variation.

Onyx is widely variable and unique from piece to piece. Often onyx products are chosen for their deep, dark colours and the irregular light veins or bands throughout. The translucence of certain onyx slabs allows for dynamic lighting and adds a striking style to your custom home or renovation. More fragile than its contemporaries, onyx is a style choice that must be carefully considered.

Consider onyx to add a touch of beauty to a low-traffic area or a splash of individuality in your home.


  • Unique, rarely-seen colours and accents
  • Translucence gives depth and heightens lighting effects
  • Slabs are smaller, less heavy than alternatives


  • Fragile; susceptible to wear, acid and cleaning agents
  • Requires special cleaner and regular sealing