It’s All in the Details: Countertop Edging Options

kitchen-countertopsYou use your countertop almost every day, so while it may seem trivial to focus on something as small as the edge of your countertop, it can affect the functionality of your kitchen or bathroom – so pay close attention! Read on for Stonework’s guide to the most common countertop edges.

Squared/Straight Edges

Squared or straight countertop edges work great with any style, although they lend themselves especially well to clean, crisp designs. This is the style you’ll see for most standard countertops. Straight edges are a great option if your kitchen or bathroom has a lot going on detail wise in other areas, as it will help bring balance to a room. Don’t worry – straight edges aren’t sharp as their name might imply. The corners of straight or squared edges are rounded slightly to protect the stone from chipping.

Bullnose Edges

Bullnose edges are rounded from top to bottom, making them excellent for households with little children! This type of edge lends itself to more traditional kitchens or bathrooms with it’s smooth lines. A great way to tie in your bullnose edged countertops with your room is to carry the curves throughout your space – perhaps in your cabinets or sink. Keep in mind that the roundness of the bullnose edge can make cleaning slightly more difficult as crumbs and dirt will often stick to the curved edge.

Eased Edges

Eased edges are similar to straight edges, but they have more pronounced rounded corners. Even this small change can make a noticeable difference in your kitchen or bathroom. Eased edges work great in a contemporary design. Many people prefer the eased edge over a straight edge because it gives the counter a thicker look.

Mitered Edges

Mitered edges give a standard-sized countertop a thicker appearance without adding extra weight. This is accomplished by taking a two piece approach in which a standard-sized countertop is wrapped with a thicker frame around the sides. A mitered edge is a great way to make your countertop the focal point of your space, and works well in both traditional and modern designs.

Beveled Edges

Beveled edges are known by their flattened 45 degree angle corners. Beveled edges are very easy to clean and work best with contemporary or modern-styled rooms.

Fancy Edges

There are a number of edge designs that fall under the category of fancy edges. These types of edges are great if you’re looking to create a unique countertop that will draw attention. It’s important to remember that a fancy edge can become overwhelming in a space if it’s overused- so be sure you’re implementing them tactfully.

If you’re unsure what edge to choose for your next countertops, consult with the team at Stoneworks Granite & Quartz. Our stone specialists will make sure your new countertop (and all of its edges) compliments your home.