Going Green: Countertops

Full kitchen - marble countertop and backsplashWe import much of our granite from suppliers that keep the environment in mind. When they are finished mining stone for your beautiful, natural countertop, they plant trees and other native vegetation in those areas.

When we measure for your custom made countertop, we use a digital measuring device. This means that we don’t have any waste by having to create a cardboard or wooden template. The digital measurements are uploaded right into our CAD department to draw your space. Then, when it’s time to cut your countertop, the CAD specialists send the file electronically to our expert machine operators. After your countertop has been fabricated, extra materials are saved for reuse or recycled.

When we come to install your beautiful new countertop, you’ll find that our installers use the most eco-friendly materials available to you! We’ll use low-odor acetone and silicone. Acetone is a product that occurs naturally in our environment. It’s found in everything from the foods we eat (blue cheese, raw chicken & beef, even human milk) to our lakes, soil and plants. Silicone is not only used in construction. It is also used in cookware, electronics, hair care products and is even being used now as an eco-friendly alternative for dry cleaners.

And, if you choose us to remove your existing countertops for you, you’ll be glad to know that we bring them back and recycle those too!

From start to finish, you can be sure that you are getting the most beautiful countertop in the most environmentally friendly way from Stoneworks Granite & Quartz Inc.. Contact us today!