2016 Bathroom Countertop Trends

bathroom granite countertopA luxurious, customized bathroom can be the ultimate renovation project, both improving quality of life and resale value. No matter if in your home, business, rental property or another space, we here at Stoneworks pride ourselves on being up on not only today’s trends– but tomorrow’s as well. Read on for our guide to the best options for bathroom countertops and surfaces in 2016.

#1: Backsplash

One of the most overlooked spaces for décor and design in a bathroom is the backsplash. Where full-size mirrors and decorative tile have been the norm in recent years, contemporary designers are opting for a backsplash connected to the countertop or at least made from the same material. The expert techs at Stoneworks can laser cut your chosen option to custom-fit any space.

#2: Finished edges

Most bathroom counters and surfaces come with a standard edge, but that isn’t the only option! Decorative, S-shaped, angled and rounded edges are just some of the more popular choices in 2016, but our high-tech tools can handle almost any cut, finish or texture that you can imagine.

#3: Material

The battle rages on over which material should reign supreme! In actuality, engineered materials like quartz have caught up in leaps and bounds to natural materials such as marble or granite. So much so, in fact, that there are only a few stylistic differences left. Knowing this should free you to choose any of Stoneworks’ exceptional material for you bathroom surface or counter.

#4: Colours

Flexibility is key in modern design, especially in renovation projects like bathrooms. Fashion, lifestyle and hardware all evolve over time and contemporary designers recognize this fact of life. In turn, neutral colours and shades remain popular when choosing a bathroom countertop. Consider white, black, grey for maximum versatility– with earthy shades and muted tones at a close second.

#5: Accents

While the above design “rules” may cause you to feel hemmed in, there is still room to express yourself while staying on-trend. No modern bathroom design is complete without a bold splash of originality! Consider accenting your counters or surfaces with materials like concrete, tile mosaic or soapstone. Avoid coloured trim, instead choose one item or aspect and paint it entirely in your chosen colour!

If you have any questions, concerns or wild ideas for your bathroom renovation or upgrade– contact or visit Stoneworks today!