BUILD-A-BAR: 5 Things to Know Before Building Your Dream Bar

granite bar countertopIn the age of “fan caves,” board game nights and 4K ultra high definition cinema rooms, everyone is looking to take their space to the next level. Whether you serve cocktails or mocktails, a bar just might be the perfect addition. Basements, garages, staff rooms, treehouses– wherever your dream bar will live, Stoneworks wants to help you with the handy list below.

#1: Learn from the pros.

Before settling on any design choices, visit your favourite bars and take a good look at their work area. What do you like about the surface? What materials, lighting and other techniques did they use? What kind of experience do you want to offer your guests? All of these answers will help you narrow down what you are looking for in the perfect bar.

#2: Top shelf.

While it wouldn’t be a bar without, well, a bar, there are still other aspects to consider. An empty wall behind a fancy bar surface not only looks bad, it fails to live up to its potential. Consider custom surfaces for creative and unique shelving for your bar tools, glassware and bottles.

#3: Keep the regulars happy.

Don’t invest money and effort into a bar that will look shoddy in a few years of use. Talk to the experts at Stoneworks for a rundown on heavy duty surfaces that will not only resist wear, tear and regular cleaning, they will actually look better over time!

#4: Hole in the wall.

Do you dream of a personal bar, but only have a few square feet to work with? Never fear, Stoneworks is here to save the day with fully customizable bar counters and surfaces– laser cut to the exact specifications of your space!

#5 Where everybody knows your name.

Why stop at a custom shape? Stoneworks’ high-tech, computerized cutting tools can create holes for custom sinks and beer taps. Our designers can also take your bar to the next level with built-in refrigeration, storage and even lighting.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to building your dream bar with the experts here at Stoneworks Granite & Quartz. Achieve your dreams by contacting or visiting us today!