MARBLE 101: Stoneworks’ Quick Look at 5 Marble Varieties

Marble LAzy SusanWhen it comes to marble, the layman might only ever consider it one material– but that overlooks its depth, subtlety and variety. In fact, there is a diverse range of marble styles from many regions available to Stoneworks’ customers. If you are considering marble for your next new build or renovation, consult our quick hits below to get an idea of five common marble varieties.

Italy and Spain are two dominant marble producers. The following marble styles are split up between those respective countries.



  • Classic white with subtle veins;
  • Named for Italian city and province;
  • Sourced from northern Tuscany;
  • One of the most quarried and widely sold types of marble;
  • Excels in minimal and modern designs.


  • Ranges from classic white to dark grey;
  • Bold, thick veining;
  • Also quarried in Carrara region;
  • Striking shapes and patterns;
  • Good choice for highlighting and individualizing your space.


  • Rare, but also from Carrara region;
  • High degree of quality;
  • Ranges from light grey to deep gold;
  • Intricate, colourful veins;
  • More subtle variety known as Statuarietto.



  • Wide range of brown and golden hues;
  • Irregular veining;
  • Sourced from three specific Spanish regions;
  • Effective in high-traffic areas;
  • Deeper colour adds a unique look to all designs.


  • Widely available and priced competitively;
  • Comes in shades of beige, yellow, cream and gold;
  • Flat backgrounds with erratic veins;
  • Works well in darker or more natural spaces;
  • Commonly used for highlights, flooring or even exterior needs.

Are you choosing a marble for a project, but don’t know where to start? Are you considering other stones or materials because marble seems too stuffy or traditional? Contact or visit Stoneworks today! Our marble experts can find the right style for your needs that can fit almost any budget.