5 Ways To Ruin Your Granite Surface

black and white kitchen granite countertopIf you currently have or plan to have a granite surface or countertop, keep reading. Below you will find Stoneworks’ guide to ruining granite– a checklist of everything you should avoid, if you want your granite to last a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Hit the books!

#1: Spill the beans.

Hey, it happens– but clean up any messes on your granite surfaces carefully and immediately. Blot up liquids, instead of scrubbing or wiping. Failing to do so can cause stains and other permanent damage. Soft, non-scouring materials are the best choices for granite.

#2: Acid rain.

Beware acidic ingredients– nothing eats through granite quicker than regular or prolonged exposure to cola, coffee, fruit juice, tomato or even alcohol (especially wine). Never clean your granite with vinegar, ammonia or citrus-based chemicals and cleaners.

#3: Cover your butt.

If you don’t use coasters or heat pads for cold drinks and hot pans, prepare for scars and stains on your granite surface. Ensure all perspiring containers are set on an absorbent or hydrophobic material. Trivets, potholders and thermal-resistant pads are easy ways to prevent scorch marks and cracks.

#4: Chopped.

Some irresponsible salespeople may claim that you can safely use kitchen knives directly on your granite surface. While the stone is very strong, it can develop scratches, cuts and gouges– besides: granite is strong enough to dull, damage and chip any blade.

#5: Deep impact.

You may be eager to test just how strong your granite surface is, but resist the urge to strike or pound it unnecessarily. Getting overly aggressive with any slab of stone can cause stress fractures, superficial cracks and other irreparable damage.

Now that you know what NOT to know, read about proper granite care and maintenance

If you have made or plan to make the investment in a surface made of granite, don’t risk it with mistreatment or poor care. Consult Stoneworks’ list above and never hesitate to contact or visit us with your questions and concerns. Our experts are equipped with years of experience and knowledge in granite products, installation and care.