NO STONE UNTURNED: Where Does Marble Come From?

Marble sample StoneworksFrom columns of classical architecture to the steps of modern statehouses; from elegant eating areas to awe-inspiring works of art– marble has captured the human imagination for centuries. The lustre of marble is so captivating, many people forget to ask themselves: “Where does marble come from?” Stoneworks’ excavation of marble’s origins and history lies below: dig in!


Historians and etymologists trace the word marble back to Ancient Greece, but its earliest origins may be buried under the sands of time. Marmaros (shining stone) and marmairein (to shine) are the logical Greek origins of the later Old French marbre and Latin marmor– terms used as a name for the stone, as well as a descriptor of the surface of the sea. More recently, geologically speaking, men and women of science identified marble as a result of stones such as calcite, dolomite or limestone undergoing metamorphosis within the Earth’s crust.


Marble was a material of choice for classical builders— its warmth and style allows it to remain popular to the present day. Originally selected for its durability and because it holds a polish exceptionally well, marble can now be sourced from all over the globe. Diversity and unparalleled beauty are the rules of the marble market. Fortunately, we here at Stoneworks are experts at identifying, sourcing and crafting high quality marble products.


Once you fall in love with a type of marble, our customer service professionals are standing by to help you make your dream a reality. Stoneworks will work with you to find the perfect pre-cut marble surface– or even design a bespoke marble feature or countertop– instantly upgrading your home or business. You can join a tradition as old as civilization itself by investing in the durable and beautiful stone we call marble.

Now that you’ve reached the end of the story, start your own by contacting or visiting Stoneworks Granite & Quartz today! Our marble experts will walk you through every step of the process, focused on bringing your project to a satisfying conclusion. Embrace classical style and make marble the climax of your renovation or new build.